Fort Hancock at Carton Brewing

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"Still Hiding"
"Lost at Seventeen"
"In The Shadows"
"Another Reflection"
"A Winter Sky"
"Last Days"
"The Grace of Five"
"Kessler Road"
"Grown Old"
"Stood Up"
"Sixty Four and Friend"

"I'm not certain why I've developed a fascination with photographing abandoned and aging locations over the past decade. Possibly it stemmed from my desire to take photos of things that other people have ignored, or it's just a love of the look of crumbling brick and nature reclamation that peaks my attention. Either way that fascination eventually brought me to Fort Hancock. I can't remember exactly who mentioned Fort Hancock to me first, but I owe them a sincere thank you. I know I spent my share of summer days at Sandy Hook as a child, but it had been years since I returned, and I'm glad I did. I became infatuated with the area, especially the row of officer's quarters looking out into Sandy Hook Bay. I had to return, multiple times, spring, summer, fall, and winter on sunny days, cloudy days, and in the pouring rain to catch these buildings looking how I wanted, to pay them the respect their history deserves. It's my hope that these photos take hold of you for a moment, like Fort Hancock did to me. Thank you for taking the time to look." - Alfred Hess

"Coney Island Sunset"
"Piermont Twilight"
"Game Over"
"Tarrytown Lighthouse"
"Covered In Snow"
"Move On"
"Waterfalls of Watkins Glen"